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Marc Pick Creations

​  A two-day seminar that addresses the anatomy and

  functional neurophysiology between the spinal cord and

  the cerebellum with the major emphasis placed on the


 Course Purpose:
   The course is designed to enhance the participant's clinical

   skills in diagnosis, treatment protocols, and rehabilitation

   for patients suffering from spinal cord and cerebellar


  ​ Spinal Cord Spinocerebellar Pathways:

  • The somatic muscular system contains receptors that maintain structural tone and feed information back to the central nervous system for the muscles' regulation and appropriate response to stimuli. Do you remember which neuromuscular receptors transmit information to the spinal cord and through which spinal pathways the information travels?
  • The purpose of this section is to review the functional neurophysiology pertaining to the primary proprioceptors(muscle spindle & Golgi tendons) that are involved on the spinocerebellar system. This is followed by a brief reassessment of the spinal cord and its primary spinocerebellar pathways as well as the pathways’ ports of cerebellar entry.

  Cerebellar Anatomy & Physiology:

  • The cerebellum is considered to be a primary role player in postural tone as well as coordinated cognitive and subconscious learned motor function. Therefore, before we can begin to understand how this structure maintains its regulatory control, we must first understand its anatomy and functional circuitry. This poses the questions: Where are the topographical regions that represent the body and where are they located on the cerebellar cortex? What are the deeper cerebellar nuclei and what aspects of the body do they correspond to? Do you know how the cerebellar circuitry is laid out and how it achieves regulatory control over its signal output?
  • The purpose of this portion is to  review the various body regions associated with the cerebellum’s topographical cortical areas and deeper nuclei. Emphasis will also be placed on the major afferent input feeders, the three layers that comprise the cerebellum’s cortex and a complete explanation of the intricate circuitry that maintains regulatory control over cerebellar output. Feedforward and efferent copy reflex pathways associated with coordinated motor functions and vestibulo-ocular-cerebellar links are described in detail to give the attendee a greater comprehension and diagnostic appreciation of the eyes’ motor function in assessing and treating cerebellar aberrancies.

  Clinical signs & tests:

  • What are the clinical signs and tests that differentiate an aberrant cerebellum from other regions of the nervous system? Do you remember whether a right cerebellar deficiency would generate a right or left musculoskeletal hypotonia? What is asynergia? What is dysmetria and when would we see hypermetria as opposed to hypometria?
  • The purpose is to enlighten the attendee to the various clinical signs that differentiate a cerebellar aberrancy from other body regions and give each attendee a more solid grasp in the art of differential diagnosis to target specific sites of cerebellar compromise. Therefore, it is the ultimate goal of this clinical portion to either arm the practitioner with enough knowledge to recognize when it is a condition that requires an appropriate referral to another qualified health care provider.

 Seminar Location:
  Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel
9620 Airport Blvd., Los Angeles, CA  90045
Five min. from LAX- Airport
(Shuttle service available every 15-20 min and stops outside the baggage claim area)
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Sunday: 8:00 am to 3:45 pm 

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    Applied for 15 hours/4 technique through 
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