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Marc Pick Creations


​    A two-day seminar that addresses the anatomy and

    functional neurophysiology of the human brain.


    Course Purpose:
     The course is designed to enhance the participant's clinical

     skill in diagnosis, treatment protocols, and rehabilitation

     for patients suffering from cerebral cortical and deeper

     nuclear aberrancies.


  Hemispheric Anatomy:

  • The human brain is considered to be the seat of humanism and distinguishes us as the highest evolved species on our planet. It contains two primary hemispheres and is subdivided into five major lobes containing a multitude of gyri and sulci.
  • The purpose is to familiarize the attendee with the various topographical regional aspects of the cerebral cortex and review its cortical layers with the emphasis placed upon its excitatory as well as inhibitory circuitry.

  Deeper Cerebral Structures (Basal Ganglia, Internal Capsule & Thalamus):

  • Do you remember what the basal ganglia's role is within the confines of the brain? What is the direct and indirect basal ganglionic circuitry and how do they effect the brain' neuronal output expression? The internal capsule is a series of axons located between the thalamus and the basal ganglia. Can you recall the positional outlay of axons as they pass through the internal capsule and why it is diagnostically important for us to know? The thalamus is to the brain what the telephone operator is to your telephone. Can you recall the various nuclear regions that comprise the thalamus and what the four cardinal signs of a thalamic lesion are?
  • The purpose is to familiarize the attendee with the basal ganglia and its various circuits and primary functions. The anatomical mapping of axonal distribution pertaining to the internal capsule and thalamic nuclei will be defined and symptomatic expressions pertaining to lesions of both structures reviewed.

  Hemispheric Regional Functions & Differences:

  • Although the two hemispheres may appear similar, each side contains distinct functional differences. Can you distinguish between lesions that are compromising the right brain as opposed to the left? Where would you expect to find a lesion if speech has been abolished?
  • The purpose is to familiarize the attendee with the functional characteristic for each brain region and to make known the hemispheric differences and the clinical signs that appear when regions have been compromised.

  Vascular Supply:

  • Do you know what the two primary vascular feeders are to the brain? Where would you expect to find signs of a vascular compromise if the patient experiences a vascular accident along the pericallosal artery as opposed to the posterior Rolandic artery?
  • The purpose is to acquaint the attendee with the brain's vascular system and familiarize them with the cardinal signs associated with vascular accidents.

  Aberrant Clinical Indicators to Identify Cortical Deficiencies:

  • A patient presents with symptoms of a right tennis elbow and right lateral knee pain. Should you immediately treat the affected areas or examine for possible underlying conditions? How do you know whether the condition was an injury to healthy tissues or to tissues that were predisposed to injury by a preexisting weakness caused by hemispheric compromise? Does it really matter which side you treat or the type of manipulative therapy you apply if the condition is due to a compromised right hemisphere?
  • The purpose is to impart the necessary information and test protocols to enhance the attendee's skills in hemispheric clinical assessments and to enable the participant to augment their clinical application skills to ensure a higher probability for a successful outcome towards the patient's quality of life.


 Seminar Location:
  Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel
9620 Airport Blvd., Los Angeles, CA  90045
Five min. from LAX- Airport
(Shuttle service available every 15-20 min and stops outside the baggage claim area)
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 Class Hours: 
    Saturday: 8:00 am to 6:30 pm 

Sunday: 8:00 am to 3:45 pm 

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Relicensure Accreditation:
    Applied for 15 hours/4 technique through 
Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies
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